At last single fiber 80km on 10Gb

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As we all know the fiber in the ground have traditionally been with max around 80km in between each node in order for the DWDM transcievers as well as the ZR/ZX would work. But the 10Gb Single fiber have for a long time not been able to reach that distance. The reason why is due to the simple fact that the transciever worked in the lower O-band 1260nm-1360nm and abit of E-band 1360-1460nm. It is difficult to reach those lengths unless you move to the S-Band 1470nm-1520nm or C-band 1530nm-1570nm. Now other lasers have been released and we can finally offer products that shoots and recieve on S and C-band.

This enables service providers and other actors to finally stop thinking in dual fiber. With these transcievers you can do nearly all the normal links with single fiber as you can do with dual fiber.

The products we now offer is:

SWL SFP10G-BX-80K-T53R55 10GBASE-BX TX1531nm RX1551nm 80km 24dB

SWL SFP10G-BX-80K-T55R53 10GBASE-BX TX1551nm RX1531nm 80km 24dB

For those who wishes to use these inside a CWDM filter then they should reserve 1525,5nm – 1557,5nm


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