All our lasers are standard coded but we have the option to recode them on demand at request so you don’t have to wait to get what you need. We can also code custom information to the lasers like the name of your company. There is also an option to lock the transceiver so that nobody else can alter the EEPROM code.

Our products

  • MUX and DEMUX, A unique self developed world exclusive box solution for welding as well as MUXing. Contact us for more information!
  • EEPROM change vendor code, EEPROM custom coding
  • Lasers
  • We design fiberoptic solutions for your company
  • With our CWDM solution you can achieve up to 18 times the capacity on one single fibre pair
  • Test instruments
  • Fibre optical cleaning tools


  • Course in fiberoptics

Broker Services

  • We sell new and refurbished network equipment
  • We purchase used network equipment

Stock Services

  • We promise stock and delivery of specified network equipment

Repair Services

  • We repair network equipment

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